At Bespoke By Shahina Hatta, we believe in the PERFECT fit and provide 1/4 sizing. Here are some easy options on how to guesstimate your size at home. These are rough estimates and true sizes are best determined by a professional jeweler. Please note that finger size may fluctuate due to weather changes.

Head to the nearest jeweler to obtain an accurate ring size:

  1. Most jewelers only provide half sizes whereas we provide 1/4 size for an even better fit.

  2. If the jeweler provides a size for you that feels a touch loose and the size below feels a touch tight, then you are in between the half sizes. For example, if a US size 5 feels a bit loose and a US size 4.5 feels a bit tight, than your ring size is most likely a US4.75.

Use string or paper to find your ring size:

  1. Use string or paper only to get a general idea of your ring size.

  2. Wrap the material around the base of your finger.

  3. Use a pen or pencil to mark the point on the string or paper where the ends meet.

  4. Measure the string or piece of paper with a ruler.

  5. Use the chart below to find your approximate ring size based on your measurement.

  6. Keep in mind that string, floss, and paper can stretch and twist, making for a less accurate measurement.

Use another ring to measure your ring size:

  1. Select a ring that properly fits your finger.

  2. Use a ruler to measure the diameter of the inner circle of the ring.

  3. Choose the larger size if the ring falls between two sizes

Other ways to find a ring size

  1. If you are shopping for someone else, the best way to learn his or her ring size is to simply ask. But if you are planning a surprise, consider enlisting friends and family in your quest for the right ring size - they can ask without raising any eyebrows.

If you have any further questions about sizing, please email us at info@bespokebyshahina.com.